Application for Membership to Website

This website is exclusively for legal services and pro bono advocates providing services to low income litigants in Maryland.  You do not need to be a member of the Maryland Bar (if you are a paralegal), or practicing in Maryland, but you do need to be providing real pro bono assistance to clients in Maryland.  To that end, there are a few questions we would like for you to answer.

This will be your log in name.
Please use your work email for the website. If you leave your current position, you can change your email address under "My Account."
Please use your work address.
Please use your work number.
If you do not work for a law firm at present, please explain what kind of pro bono services you are currently providing, or why you would like to have an account on this website.
Please tell us what kind of pro bono cases you are handling now, or have handled in the past. If you are not at liberty under your ethical duties to advise of the cases name, please describe cases briefly.
Legal services programs cannot meet the need of every client who applies. If a Maryland legal services program screens the client, and posts cases on, would you be willing to take a case now and then?


We welcome your comments and suggestions