Special Education Referral List

Baltimore Countyy-1                                                                                           
Help sought: Family seeks assistance in obtaining tuition reimbursement
9 year old student with a speech impairment and Dyslexia.  Child was held back while attending Baltimore County Public Schools.  An IEP was requested in 1st grade and request was denied.  Child had an independent assessment that supported the request for assistance with decoding and school again disagreed.  IEP finally granted in 2008 but child still was not progressing in areas of comprehension.  Child had 2nd outside assessment and was referred to a private school specializing in dyslexia such as Pride and Jemicy.  Parent requested mediation in September 2010 but school system only offered reimbursement for out of pocket expenses on the outside assessments and did not agree to the placement.  Parent transferred child to a private school and is requesting assistance with obtaining tuition reimbursement at St. Clement Elementary School, a private religious school.

Calvert County-1                                                                                                                                    
Help sought: Family seeks assistance with reinstating IEP services in the public school.
15 year old student with auditory processing disorder, and ADHD, who began high school this year.  Student's IEP was discontinued at the beginning of 2009-2010 school year and replaced with a 504 plan over family’s objection. The basis for discontinuation of the IEP was the result of triennial evaluations.  Child has had 3 separate evaluations which all confirm that he should continue to receive speech services.   Per the 504 plan child is to get extra time for testing and class work; use of a daily planner and set of books for home use. Parent expressed that child’s grades did not drop until his IEP was discontinued. Parent wants an attorney to assist her with getting the IEP services reinstated because he needs speech services to address his language deficit and integration.

Prince Georges  County-1                                                                         
Help sought: family seeks assistance with retaining an appropriate placement for their daughter.
12 year old student in 7th grade and is attending Samuel P. Massey Academy.  She has autism, is diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder ( PDD) and is also self-injurious.   She is currently in a classroom of 18-19 children containing 7th and 8th graders.  She has been beaten  up and assaulted by other students in the classroom and the family is looking for her to be educated in a place where she will be safe.  She is also a client of Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) and is currently seeing a KKI psychologist.

Montgomery County – 1         
Help sought:  Family seek assistance with obtaining a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE).
19 year old student with autism who  functions at a 3rd grade level and is currently not attending school.  Family removed him from Montgomery Public School (Rock Terrace Separate Special Education School) June 2010 due to lack of academic support and the inappropriate use of restraint.  The last Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting was held March 2010 and the team could not come into agreement upon services or placement.  There is an IEP meeting scheduled for 2/24/11 and the family is seeking assistance in order to discuss placement, 1-1 aide, speech therapy and occupational therapy without any current documentation supporting their request.

Prince George’s County – 2            
Help sought:  Family seeks assistance with having mediation resolutions implemented.
14 year old child diagnosed with a specific learning disability, currently in the 9th grade but performing below grade level in all areas.  Family received a favorable mediation resolution in 2010, but not all recommendations have been implemented and family is seeking assistance with getting services implemented.  The main service was for child to be placed in a smaller classroom setting in order for her to receive a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE).  She is now in a smaller class setting, but it is with children who have severe behavior issues and child is still unable to learn.  Child was also to receive modified classwork and homework and that isn’t happening either.


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